CS148 Assignment 9: Ray Tracer

About Ray Tracer

This assignment implements a basic ray tracing rendering algorithm from a 3D scene of spheres and triangle objects, lighting sources (ambient, point, and directional), and the camera. 

Basic Features

The program:

  • Renders screen objects, which consist of a geometric primitive Shape (current subclasses are spheres and triangles but additional Shape subclasses can be easily added); Material for lighting and reflection calculations; and an optional Transformation.
  • Computes lighting contributions for each pixel from ambient, point, and directional light sources (subclasses of Light base class) using Blinn-Phong shading.
  • Applies rotation, scaling, and translation transforms to Lights and Shapes.
  • Captures shadows cast by other screen objects that occlude light sources.
  • Calculates mirror reflections through recursive ray tracing.

Movable Camera

I added a number of controls for changing the location and orientation of the camera, similar to the controls for moving around in 1st-person video games. The program allows the user to explore the scene using fairly intuitive mouse and keyboard controls to:
  • Increase/decrease camera elevation angle.
  • Rotate camera azimuth angle left or right.
  • Move camera position up, down, left, right, forward, and backward.

 Contact: Audrey Virginia Proulx   Email: avproulx at cs.stanford.edu

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